New Year, Old Me…

So as 2018 comes to an end and the New Year gets ready to roll in, complete with all the amazing celebrations all over the world, I have decided to embrace this new year with a positive outlook. I am quite happy to admit that I will still be the same old me but with a few little hopes and dreams set for 2019, but these will not be resolutions or unachieveable goals. They will be the kind of goals I need right now to focus my mind and help me grow and understand my own workings a bit more.

So whats the plan then?

My goals are pretty small and achieveable so long as I can focus my mind long enough on them.

  • Keep a real diary (Do people keep paper diaries anymore or is it mostly online now?!) I wont be writing lots in it, but I do need to get a lot more organised
  • Budget and save better. We have never been great with money (I’m a stickler for paying all outgoings on time, but never manage to have much cash left at the end of the month to save)
  • Be more mindful of food waste so I cook and use all I can and to stop over buying incase that end of the world scenario (that’s in my head) happens as I am personally more likely to die by the contents of the fridge falling on top of me most weeks
  • Finally but most importantly I want to have the courage to do more with my family. I want to be able to say I have the strength to get out on my own with the kids and make memories for them. It’s important to me to really focus on this, as with Mr. C being a chef, we are on our own a lot of the time.

So these may not be massive goals and points, but to me, If I can achieve them then I am already winning in 2019. I may not be able to achieve them all right away but I sure as hell will try my hardest. I have uploaded a picture of what i have treated myself to, ready for this next year ahead 🙂

Does anybody else find the smallest changes (most of the time) make the biggest impact? How do you all manage to stay focus and on track? I would love to hear some other opinions.

I’m off to make a carpet picnic for me and the kids now as the weather is rubbish and I’m still unsure what day it is as I am still in that Christmassy haze at the moment! Bring on the sausage rolls, pigs in blankets and chocolate orange (for probably the 4th time this week) 🎅🏼

With Love,

Mrs. C x

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