Two poorly little one’s and a poorly mum, I am feeling so alone.

Some kind of bug has taken over in our house since yesterday and believe me, I would do anything to kick it’s rancid arse away from us right now. Both kids have had an awful cough, high temperatures and headaches along with my mum (who at 5 stone wet with a low immune system) so it is far from ideal.

Its on days like today that my anxiety really takes a hold. I hate anybody being poorly at the best of times, I would quite happily swap and be the poorly one if I could in a heartbeat.

My head keeps throwing horrible scenarios at me, which then cause me to panic and end up in floods of tears which I always try and hide from the kids. But when Mr. C is at work, It’s even harder as I have nobody to help me calm down. These horrible thoughts will stay with me now until everybody is back to normal which I pray is soon.

Does anybody else suffer with anxiety like me when loved ones are poorly? I feel so alone right now. Would be nice to hear off others.

Sorry for not being more chirpy today, normal service with resume shortly.

With Love

Mrs. C x

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