Oh Hello January, It’s you again…

Well I cant believe that 2019 is now here and long gone are the cosy feels of the Christmas tree’s and decorations.

January is never the brightest month for me, I mean I love having a fresh 365 day outlook ahead, but after the expense of Christmas and Mr. C’s imminent Birthday it can be hard going on the old purse strings.

Yet, after saying that, I do love nothing more than wrapping the kids up and heading out for a walk when I allpw myself to do it. We are lucky to live in one of the most Beautiful places in the UK. Snowdonia has beaches, lakes, forests and mountains on our door step. I have always lived here, Mr. C is from down South so it was a massive change for him, but one which he absolutely loves and he absolutely hates going back to the big city these days. One of my resolutions is to get out with the kids more, I feel an awful sense of guilt knowing that some days they are the one’s who miss out due to my anxiety, But I am trying my best to change that as of this year.

We live about 15 minutes away from the above picture (Llandudno) and it has always been one of my most favourite places to go. It has a gorgeous sweeping victorian promenade, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs.

How are you all starting 2019? How do you feel about a New Year? I hope it is a kind one to you all. Have a great day, whatever you are doing.

With Love

Mrs. C x

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